Your Guide To Ascot Dress Code


Your Guide To Ascot Dress Code

Your Guide To Ascot Dress Code
12th April 2019

Your Guide To Ascot Dress Code

Every formal event outfit requires planning, whether it’s for work or pleasure. We always aim to look and feel our best, but we certainly feel the pressure when the dress code is more than just ‘smart casual’. One social/sporting event that many of us plan for - far in advance - is Ascot.


Each enclosure at the event has different rules, which can seem a little intimidating. But, before you start worrying about top hats and tailcoats, let us point you to an affordable and stress-free solution.


Our suit hire service gives you full control over style, colour and finishing touches, with suits starting from just £55. Using a simple 5-step Outfit Builder, you can have your perfect suit, tried on and delivered with plenty of time before the event. There’s something for all tastes that - most importantly - fits the dress code.



Royal Enclosure


Guests with this ticket will get the best Ascot experience, while adhering to the most formal dress code. Although specific, the requirement for a black or grey morning suit is fairly simple when the fit is spot on.


Top hats are required in this enclosure but can be removed in certain areas, which is good news if you’re not a fan of statement accessories. Add some personality to the look with a coordinating waistcoat and tie, but remember that cravats or bow ties are not allowed!



Ascot neckwear



Queen Anne Enclosure


Tickets for this enclosure will still ask for the same formal dress code, minus top hats. Although you can wear different colours and patterns here, jackets and trousers must be of a matching colour.


Along with a collared shirt, ties must be worn at all times, so why not try incorporating this season’s colours into your look? During our suit hire process, you can choose from a wide range of neckwear patterns and colours that will help you stand out in the enclosure. Click here to see the collection.



Village Enclosure


Guests who prefer a more contemporary approach to formalwear will feel welcome here as they have a more flexible dress code to work with. A jacket, full-length trousers, collared shirt and tie are required, and jeans or trainers are not permitted.


Experiment with tailored pieces to create a look that will match the lively atmosphere of the enclosure. As the sun sets on a day of races, think about the fit of your outfit and make sure it’s comfortable for socialising and maybe dancing to the live bands and DJs.



Windsor Enclosure


Here’s where you can really relax - this enclosure has no formal dress code. However, you are still encouraged to keep it smart. It’s not often you get to dress up to such a high standard, so go all out, embrace your effort and enjoy the day (and the compliments).


We have you covered and your smart daywear options are endless.


Click here to start building your winning Ascot look with Young’s Hire