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Why Try Before You Buy Is So Important

Why Try Before You Buy Is So Important
15th June 2018

Why Try Before You Buy Is So Important


The run up to a big event, whether it be a wedding, graduation or formal dinner should be exciting and not spent anticipating if the suit will fit. We all know the familiar feeling of looking in the changing room mirror and thinking "perfect" especially when the garment has taken a long time to find. What's more disheartening than spending a lot of money on something you aren't happy with?


We aim to make sure every one of our customers has confidence from the minute the order is placed to the morning of the big day.

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How does it work at Young's?


Start with our outfit builder and put together the look you love, then choose home delivery. We will send your outfit of choice for a free 2 day trial in your own home, months before the wedding, so that you can try it before you hire it.Remember to try on your suit with a shirt and dress shoes for the full effect.We also offer free size replacements 2 weeks before the date if something isn't quite right.


Click here to find your perfect suit and book an at home try on and read more about our ordering process here