Why A Simple Suit Never Goes Out Of Style


Why A Simple Suit Never Goes Out Of Style

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24th November 2017

Why A Simple Suit Never Goes Out Of Style

You will have heard the terms "Staple pieces" and "Wardrobe essentials" but where does formal wear fit into this among everyday sweaters and shoes?


Having a versatile suit that fits well is more convenient than having a wardrobe full of pieces that fashion magazines and articles say you need. You know? That bold patterned shirt you bought last Winter that still has the tags attached. Almost every formal occasion requires a suit, by owning a simple black or navy three piece you can accessorize as you please without having to dread a shopping trip to the high streets.


The simple pairing of a suit and shirt is worn universally and has evolved over the years to allow men to express their selves through their choice of style. We strongly believe that a reliable Navy suit is the only suit a man can need, it implies professionalism and respect which is perfect for interviews and being around audiences. Click here to view some of our Navy options

Slim fit navy jacket

Sophistication can be created through the quality and fit of a suit, it will remove the "Look at me!" factor that quirky and loud accessories create. At Young's Hire we pay attention to detail and quality, providing Men with tailored suits that capture traditional styles that can be worn comfortably to any event. To us, quality comes before the fancy features or trends that "might take off" 


Browse our classic black and navy collections now and find a great suit that will never go out of style