What To Wear For Winter Wedding Receptions


What To Wear For Winter Wedding Receptions

What To Wear For Winter Wedding Receptions
19th October 2018

What To Wear For Winter Wedding Receptions

Whether you’re attending your first or fourth wedding reception of the year, it can be hard to get outfit inspiration and wear it well without outshining the groom. We have covered plenty on dressing for grooms and guests at weddings, but what do you wear if you’re only attending the reception?


Once a very formal tradition, wedding reception dress codes are a lot looser nowadays, so you can wear an an outfit you love that shows your personality too.


If you’re feeling experimental


Texture and pattern are the best way to be experimental with formalwear, mixing and matching is a fun way to bring even more of a party vibe to an already lively celebration. Waistcoat and tie combinations have no limits, so take advantage of this season’s darker, saturated colours. Navy and Burgundy pair well, as do Camel and Grey.



If you want to keep it traditional


Black tie is classic, it’s long non changing history makes it safe and not at all daunting. If you are a close friend of the happy couple, this choice will always Impress them and fulfill their expectations of you. The look typically consists of a black jacket, white shirt, formal trousers and black shoes, all of which you can find at Young’s right here 


Wedding reception what to wear


If casual is more your thing


Black tie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and can look out of place at a more relaxed reception. On this occasion it’s ok to wear jackets unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up, especially if the venue is a lot warmer inside and you’re planning on hitting the dancefloor. We recommend creating balance with colours other than black and only introducing more vibrant shades if you want to stand out in a crowded room. For footwear, Oxfords or brogues are considered a little less formal and will help your outfit  join in with guests who have been there in the day


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