What style suits you?


What style suits you?

What style suits you?
5th July 2017

Considering the different styles and fits of suits

We know the importance of getting that perfect fitt when wearing a suit, whatever the occasion. A good fitting suit can turn an average outfit into a sleek and suave look, perfect for the modern-day maverick. We offer a tailoring service so, whichever suit you’re thinking of, we can offer a tailor to come to you, to give you that extra edge. We’ve included some key factors to look out for here when choosing the ultimate fit for your next big occasion...


Slim Fit Suits

Typically, suit jackets will have a slightly lower button which helps to make you appear taller. Shirts will have darts, which allow the shirt to fit much more snugly. Suit trousers should taper in at the bottom.

Skinny Fit Suits

When your arms are straight down beside you, it should be easy for you to hold the side of your suit. An ideal fit should be when the seam connecting the body of your suit to your sleeves sits just above your bottom. The sleeve length should be no longer than 10cm.

Tailored Fit Suits

This is less fitted than any of the above, however not as roomy as a regular fit. It usually encompasses a narrower waist and tapered trouser leg. It's flattering for most shapes and sizes.