The Ultimate Groom Wedding Checklist


The Ultimate Groom Wedding Checklist

The Ultimate Groom Wedding Checklist
28th September 2017

The Ultimate Groom Wedding Checklist

With all the stress of a wedding and the billions of things you need to remember, it’s just as easy to forget under the pressure. We’ve devised a timeline of what you’ll need to make the process as stress-free as possible, maybe even time to kick back and have a beer before the big day (OK... maybe we’re pushing it there!)

Young’s Hire takes care of the big bits so no need to even worry about fittings and delivery, as we drop off and pick straight from your house after the wedding.


3 Months to go!


You have plenty of time but ordering your attire and deciding what your groomsmen will wear is better to plan earlier than later. If you’re struggling finding what you’re looking for, we have a great deal to save you on some major pennies. Buy 5 or more outfits with Young’s and the Groom gets a free suit rental!

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1 Month to go!

Whether you are buying or renting you need to make sure any alterations and adjustments are made for you all with at least a month to spare. This usually gets left to the last minute but is something that is crucial for the big day, as the later you send off for adjustments but the less time you have to check everything fits.


1 Week to go!

So your suit is sorted and any accessories to go with it, right? Now it’s time to focus on yourself, get your haircut booked in and maybe even a massage to properly prep for the day. Also make sure your tux is ready that you’ve rented (Young’s delivery up to a week for your designated date) so don’t sweat it too much, even if you have ordered late.

Take a look at our inspiration page for accessory & hair style ideas!


It's tomorrow!

Ok so no need to panic if you’ve followed the above steps. Firstly, check all suits for you, your groomsmen and any others. Here’s a little list of thing you’ll need if you’re getting ready somewhere else and need to pack:

  • Deodorant (Nobody likes a sweaty Groom)
  • Hair products
  • Watch
  • Tie
  • Vest
  • Belt/Pocket Square
  • Cuff Links
  • Whole Outfit (Check out our best sellers below)
  • Shoes/Socks
  • Oh and the most important thing… remember the rings!


You are officially wedding ready and good to go! And if you did hire with Young’s we collect the suit after the wedding day, so everything is sorted for you to enjoy the big day.