The Evolution Of Red Carpet Fashion


The Evolution Of Red Carpet Fashion

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12th April 2018

The Evolution Of Red Carpet Fashion


Crowds of cameramen shuffle around the red carpet capturing iconic celebrity looks while fashion magazines criticize the good the bad and the ugly. Although the traditional tux is still the first choice for many famous famous, a dramatic shift in style has given us some iconic looks over the years that we can still vividly remember today.


Oscars 1998


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The 1998 Oscars red carpet saw fresh faced Ben Affleck and Matt Damon dressed in what we would describe today as over sized tuxedo jackets - although fashionable at the time. Few dared to wear drastic colours or accessories at this time and for men it bow ties all round.


Grammy Awards 2006



2006 grammys image

If it was a competition to wear the most patterns in one outfit on the red carpet in 2006, Jay-Z would have undoubtedly won. However we can't help but appreciate the singer's way of taking the formality of a suit and giving it a causal twist with sunglasses and an unbuttoned jacket.


Grammy Awards 2007


2007 grammys image

Rebelling against traditional black tie dress code didn't stop in 2007. John Legend looked ready to head home for the night with an un done bow tie and hands in his pockets. In a room full of people wearing the same thing , something has to be done to make you stand out.

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