Take On Summer 2019 With These 5 Suit Styling Tips


Take On Summer 2019 With These 5 Suit Styling Tips

Take On Summer 2019 With These 5 Suit Styling Tips
5th July 2019

Take On Summer 2019 With These 5 Suit Styling Tips

Having a Summer event in the diary is exciting. The weather is great, colour schemes are more joyful and everyone is in an even better mood. But sometimes the thought of wearing a suit in this weather can make us sweat a little. Thankfully, Summer formal wear doesn't have to be layers of heavy, dark fabric and stifling suits. Here are our tips for dressing to impress in higher temperatures.


Think About Fabric and Lining 


Unfortunately, you might struggle to wear the same trustworthy suit you wore back in December to a Summer wedding. There is a divide between Summer and Winter suits, each made with different fabrics and linings for different climates. During Summer, you will typically be looking for a breathable and light linen or silk mix that will keep you cool and comfortable. 


You can browse our collection of silk pieces here and use our Outfit Builder to customise your look.



Try Pale Shades 


Summer suit collections on the high street can be deceiving, with rails of garments in appealing pastel shades. But you may find that these suits are lined or made with heavy material which is not ideal for long Summer events. 


With fabric in mind, you can stray away from your daily black office suit and try pale shades of blue, lilac and pink. Mixing and matching prints and shades lends to a great wedding outfit with personality.



Prints and Florals


Floral shirts are everywhere during summer, with subtle prints being more wedding and dinner appropriate, as opposed to a bold hawaiin style. The bigger the print, the bigger the impression, so let your confidence be your guide.





Floral shirt



Cropped Trousers 


Trouser length is usually the pinnacle of a formal look, with all eyes on your ankles when dress code is strict. Summer weddings and gatherings give you room to loosen up and make comfort a priority, which means shorter trousers a little above the ankle. 


To find out more about trouser lengths and breaks, check out our blog post.



Ditch Neckwear


Although a formal wear staple, ties can be uncomfortable at hot Summer events. If you can’t bend the rules and go without, you could put your neckwear in a case during a long commute and put it on when you arrive. When day turns to night at wedding receptions, you probably won’t be the only one throwing your tie to the side!

Start creating your perfect Summer look here using our Outfit Builder or find your nearest store here.