Suit Syles Through The Years


Suit Syles Through The Years

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23rd March 2018

Suit Syles Through The Years


Stepping into a clothing store in search of a suit, we don't seem to pause while searching the rails and think about how this iconic essential has evolved over the years. Jackets have become slimmer and trouser legs have got shorter, but how have hundreds of years of fashion influenced what we wear today?


The 1920s

 What you wore to an event at this time reflected your wealth, so embellishments and glamour featured heavily on suits. Tie bars were on the rise and worn with colourful shirts and ties on the dancefloor with a drink in hand. The bolder the better!


1920s suit


The 1950s

 Suits at this time became a requirement in business, so bright colours became dark, with neckwear and accessories not straying from Black and White. Elvis Presley regularly supported the popular loose fit jackets and trousers


The 1980s

 Enter shoulder pads. You only need to watch a few well known TV shows and movies from this decade to get a feel for what suit style was like. "The Power Suit" was a way for Men to show wealth once again, with double breasted jackets, suspenders and pinstripes being taken from TV screens and into the high streets


1980s suit


The 2000s

 Losing it's formality in previous decades, suits exploded, become more fitted and exaggerated as the new millennium began. Today, there are so many suit styles to chose from, all incorporating details from previous eras and adding something to special to our own personal look.


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