Sophisticated Layering For Winter Events


Sophisticated Layering For Winter Events

Winter layering blog
17th November 2017

Sophisticated Layering For Winter Events

Dressing for Winter events can be difficult, you want to be able to co-ordinate layers and have no outfit component unnoticed.It's not as easy as throwing on a parka coat and heading out - Why spend the time and money choosing a suit if it's going to be hidden?


Waistcoats and Jackets

Your shirt will be your first and thinnest layer, depending on your event's environment, a contrasting waistcoat or jacket is the next step. Patterns and textures are a great way to incorporate extra personality into an outfit however they should be kept subtle to avoid making your outfit look over crowded. Young's Hire offer a great range of subtle tweed check pieces which you can browse here



Although your coat may spend most of the event hung in a cloakroom, you should still choose carefully to make a lasting impression upon arrival. Opt for something comfortable and spacious so you can easily move around, we suggest a versatile overcoat; a timeless design that you will want to wear time and time again.


Ties and Scarves

Contrasting colours and patterns come hand in hand and should be kept simple unless you want to be brave and break the colour wheel rules. Patterns should be saved for the last layer, so a checked or striped scarf will work nicely here as well as providing some much needed warmth on the way to your event.

winter layering blog

Layering makes your personal style stand out from the rest, don't stop at a simple shirt and trousers when this season's weather gives you a reason to level up. 


For an extra special touch, why not check out our new Ben Sherman Collection which will be available to hire for events from April 2018? The range includes tailored suits, sharp jackets in plush fabrics and flattering, tapered, slim leg trousers. All featuring Ben Sherman signature lining and Ben Sherman branded buttons. Click here to start browsing 

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