Self Measure Top Tips


Self Measure Top Tips

Self Measure Top Tips
1st January 0001

How To Measure Yourself When Hiring A Suit

Measuring yourself for a suit that fits like a glove is no easy task, however, the below top tips will help. Grab your measuring tape and follow our below instructions.

When measuring, don't forget these important rules:

1. Do not to pull the tape measure tight, it should be flush against you

2. This means the tape should neither be cutting into you nor have any slack.

3. For the best fit, take the measurement to the nearest inch.


Additional measurements:

Neckline – Measure around the base of the neck just above your collarbone, this should be the widest point.

Shoulders – Measure between the two endpoints of your shoulder bones, across the top of your back.

Bicep – Measure around the widest part of your bicep, whilst it is hanging downwards.

Wrist – Measure the widest point on the wrist, usually at the very top of your where your hand finishes.

Belly – Measure around the waist at belly button height, meeting at the belly button.

Waist – Measure around the natural waist, where your underwear waistband would sit normally. 

Hips – Measure around the widest point on the hips, just lower than your waist measurement and over the top of hip bones.

Thigh – Measure the widest part of the upper leg, near the crotch. 


Measure Your Chest

1. Measure Your Chest

When measuring your chest for formalwear, pass the tape measure under the armpits and all the way across your back until the tape measure meets.

Here are the average sizes based upon measurement:


2. Measure Your Arm Length

Hang your arm downwards and keep it relaxed, measure the arm from the top seam on the shoulder where your shoulder bone is, down to just above your hand. The sleeve should end where your hand begins. Often measured easier with someone else helping you.

3. Measure Your Inside Leg

Place the tape measure on the crotch, where you want the leg to start at, but be careful not to make this too high or too low.

Keep your leg straight and measure down the inside of 1 leg, to the top of your foot. This is easier done whilst sat on the floor with your legs in front of you.

This length can help determine if you wear short, regular or longer length trousers. Although this may vary depending on fit and brand, this is general measurements that will be helpful as guidelines.