Perfecting The Signature Black Tie look


Perfecting The Signature Black Tie look

Black Tie blog post
26th January 2018

Perfecting The Signature Black Tie look

Attending a Black Tie event can be fun but it can also be expensive, which is where Young's simple and affordable suit hire can help. The Black Tie dress code has remained unchanged over the years, however the definition has relaxed as more styles and colour variations become available.


What are the characteristics of a Black Tie suit?


- A Black suit jacket with satin lapels

- A White double cuffed shirt that can be fastened with

- A Black bow tie, which you can either learn to tie yourself or buy one pre-tied

- Lower cut dress shoes, with a finer shape than an Oxford or lace up style

- Accessories, such as watches and cufflinks. Making sure to match silver with silver and a watch strap to match the suit.

Black tie blog post

Although everyone will be wearing the same thing at a Black Tie event, people will notice if attention to detail has been missed. So make sure everything mentioned above is considered if your event is a ball or corporate business party. If things aren't so formal, try experimenting with a little colour by incorporating dark hues of Blue or Burgundy into your look.


Ready to start creating your Black tie look? Click here to browse our Classic Black collection then head to our outfit builder to get started