Oversized Suits Are In! Here's How To Wear Them


Oversized Suits Are In! Here's How To Wear Them

Oversized Suits Are In! Here's How To Wear Them
12th October 2018

Oversized Suits Are In! Here's How To Wear Them

Sometimes a bit of wiggle room is appreciated when wearing a suit, but too much can ruin what should be a tailored look. If this appeals to you then listen up! Oversized suits are in.


For most of the 21st century flattering fits have dominated formalwear, so this trend is a surprising, refreshing and undoubtedly eyecatching change. We have a few tips for styling oversized pieces for a formal occasion so that they look classy instead of comedic.


Previously worn to show power, oversized suits are back but this time with more modern styles and materials to experiment with. However, fit still needs to be considered so you turn heads in a positive way, so make sure jacket sleeves finish at the wrist and shoulders aren’t lost in the fabric.

Applying the oversized tend to trousers can be a little more daring as the excess fabric can spoil the overall effect, which is why a cropped trouser with one break works best for this look. You can find our trouser length guide here. A wider leg trouser and blazer combo is the most popular variation on the trend we have seen so far.


Oversized jacket


Things to remember


One thing to remember is to choose pieces that have been made for the purpose of looking oversized and not picking up something 2 sized bigger with a regular fit and thinking “Eh that will do” And if your still skeptical try it out with just one oversized piece first then wear slim fit for the rest out your outfit.


Still unsure how to wear an oversized suit? Give us a call or pop into one of our stores where one of our experts can help you.