Mistakes To Avoid This Christmas Party Season


Mistakes To Avoid This Christmas Party Season

Mistakes To Avoid This Christmas Party Season
9th November 2018

Mistakes To Avoid This Christmas Party Season

Christmas parties are an excuse to have a good time celebrating the festive season, work achievements and being with family. We believe that a great outfit choice can heighten your mood and make the night even more memorable, so here are our tips for dressing up and keeping embarrassment to a minimum.



Sitting comfortably?


If your evening includes a sit down meal, a close fitting suit will soon feel uncomfortable. If slim fit is your thing, choose a size that is tailored well but with a little give. Relaxed fit blazers and shirts will be favourable in this case too.

A great place to start is a Navy 2 piece which will be welcomed at formal parties where everyone is likely to be in suit and tie. You can find our full Navy range available to hire here.


Navy collection


Is it hot in here?


On the topic of being comfortable, you don’t want to be overheating at the dinner table so take advantage of layers. Use a shirt as a base (Patterned or plain, the choice is yours) and wear a simple sweater or suit jacket over the top for an outfit that looks put together while being flexible for varying temperatures.



Don't be afraid to add some personality


Getting to wear a suit can be exciting if your everyday work attire is casual so use the Christmas party as an excuse to let people see your fashion sense. You can show your personality a lot of ways, whether it’s through the quality of the pieces you wear or the way you accessorize. Try mixing formal and casual pieces to create a unique look that will get your colleagues talking.



If you’re still struggling to find inspiration, check out our available Collections here.