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Make a long lasting impression at your graduation with our top four pointers

Graduate in Style with a Smart Suit
11th October 2017

Make a long lasting impression at your graduation with our top four pointers

With the dissertation over and the last module deadline far gone, graduation is underway and Young’s want to make sure you turn heads one last time! It’s officially time to celebrate so celebrate in style with our tailored suits in a range of colours and styles.

Here are the 4 main points to look out for when looking to hire a suit for your graduation:

1. Price: When hiring a suit, it’s easy to think that you're saving more to hire than buying anyway, right? Correct… however, with added costs such as returns, try on’s and changeovers you really need to keep an eye on these costs. Luckily Young’s offer free try-on’s, returns and changeovers…Winner!

2. Fit: Getting the perfect fit can be a struggle and can really hinder or enhance the way you look. The most popular fits include slim, skinny and tailored, click here for more information on getting the perfectly fitted suit.

3. Colour: Now usually the colour can depend on the event and even seasonality. We’d recommend something much brighter in summers such as blues and a classic black for the colder months.

4. Location: This highlights how easy the hire company is to access and how far it is, as this will take time to be delivered. Young’s services are within most Debenhams stores, so we’re always a stone throws away!

Stand out this season with Young’s Suit Hire, delivered straight to your door with hassle free returns and free changeovers