How Young's Hire Tailor Suits For All Ages


How Young's Hire Tailor Suits For All Ages

Suits for all ages blog post
16th March 2018

How Young's Hire Tailor Suits For All Ages

It's a fact that no matter what your age, the time will come when you need to find a great suit! At Young's Hire, we understand that everyone has different needs and requirements when it comes to hiring a suit, which is why we have made sure that our collections include something for everyone. 



For younger men, getting to wear a suit is exciting. Getting dressed up and experimenting is all part of the fun, whether it's for a wedding, prom or job interview, a good suit can add a boost of confidence. Fun and bright neckwear and jackets can be pulled off smartly when wore together correctly, so recommend starting out with a regular or slim fit Navy suit. 

blue jacket

Men aged 25-30 are likely to be looking for professional attire for functions and meetings, this is where less is more and high quality tailoring comes into play. Although bright colours can still be worn in the office, deeper reds and blues will keep the maturity of the look balanced. Men in this age range may have to wear a suit everyday, so the quality of our suits is key. 



Young's also have plenty of options for older men with a love for Traditional dressing and tailoring. Suit choices shouldn't have to be completely different to those of younger men but this can be a great opportunity to invest in higher quality materials and pieces with sophisticated features. Silk and satin can be appreciated and the suit can be worn for pleasure and not to necessarily make a statement. Our premium silk collection has expertly crafted pieces with a little luxury - browse it here 


Take a look at our collections for inspiration and start creating your perfect suit using our outfit builder