Finding The Right Trouser Length For Your Height


Finding The Right Trouser Length For Your Height

Trouser length blog post
10th November 2017

Finding The Right Trouser Length For Your Height

Trouser length is a personal style choice but if unintentional, people will start to notice. Although there is no right or wrong way to wear trousers, height and body type can affect the overall look, as well as the type of occasion. 


"Hem breaks" are used to determine the right trouser length and is another term for where the bottom of your trouser meets the shoe. So how do your suit the break to the occasion? 


No break 

Previously known as "expecting floods" or "high waters" this style has recently come back into fashion and is characterized by the end of the trouser leg just touching the shoe. This break is best saved for casual events and looks best with slim fit trousers on slim body types. It's risky but can be pulled off!


Slight and medium break

A slight to medium trouser break is more traditional and the best choice if you want to look professional in the office and "up to date" at semi-formal and formal events - A favourite of the modern day business man 


Full break 

This style is most likely to look sloppy and give people the wrong impression of your fashion sense. Typically, there will be a lot of material gathering at the top of your shoe - Why buy a nice pair of shoes if no one is going to see them?




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 Finding the right break can give a basic pair of trousers personality and character, to conclude, the trousers shouldn’t rise too high when sitting down, and none of your sock should show when standing up. Save bigger breaks and experimentation for casual events, the same goes for trendy turn-ups or cuffed styles.


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