Collection Highlight - The Victorian Shirt


Collection Highlight - The Victorian Shirt

Victorian shirt blog post
27th April 2018

Collection Highlight - The Victorian Shirt


There's a lot to think about when it comes to constructing the perfect wedding outfit. Colours, meanings, materials and more. It can be hard to find pieces that meet all your criteria and most importantly arrive on time, which is why Young's are proud to offer a diverse range of products that are guaranteed to be in your hands promptly.


While the star of the groom's outfit will be the suit, a thought out shirt can make all the difference. So what would be a groom's ideal choice of shirt?


The most popular choice for weddings is a Victorian shirt which features a more romantic style and a swept wing collar that is best paired with a coordinating ruche tie. A cleverly crafted fly front covers the buttons of the shirt, creating a seamless look that contributes to a slim silhouette that all grooms will appreciate. When finished off with a special pair of cufflinks, the overall look is as impressive as it is timeless.



Victorian Shirt


Young's stock sizes 10 to 21 inches in standard fit and extra-long sleeve, designed with high quality cotton for comfortable all day wear.


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