Buying & Renting A Suit - What's The Difference?


Buying & Renting A Suit - What's The Difference?

Buying & Renting A Suit - What's The Difference?
15th November 2019

Buying & Renting A Suit - What's The Difference?

The lead up to a big event is exciting, and finding something to wear is a big part of it. When it comes to formalwear, you might be someone with a plethora of options in your wardrobe or you might need more time to prepare and get something together. 


Finding a good suit is either a walk in the park or intimidating for those who haven’t heard the terms “trouser break” or “single breasted” before. High street stores boast rails of garments in attractive colours with tempting promotions to get you to the checkout. But have you ever thought about hiring a suit? Suit rental offers a similar shopping experience which could be better for your preferences and your pocket.  


We have broken down the differences between the two options to help you decide which is better suited to your formalwear needs. 



  • You will create a special memory wearing the suit you chose and be able to keep it as a reminder. 
  • A chance to venture into the world of tailoring with your first suit. 
  • Changes in fashion mean there are lots of options for formalwear on the high street.
  • Flexibility to mix and match pieces from other stores.
  • If you chose a versatile style, you can easily wear your suit to other events and special occasions.



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  • Support and assistance throughout the hiring process from knowledgeable experts.
  • Communication and peace of mind with regular updates which is appreciated when wedding planning. 
  • Groomsmen can all meet up at the store for a fitting instead of having to guess everyone’s measurements. You can find a full list of our stores here
  • You can have a more extravagant suit within budget. 
  • If you don’t wear suits regularly or don’t have any other events coming up, you can give it back.  

If your mind is made up and hiring a suit is on the cards, click here to browse our suit collections or find a unique style using our outfit builder.