Black Vs Navy Suits and Where To Where Them


Black Vs Navy Suits and Where To Where Them

Black vs Blue blog post
4th May 2018

Black Vs Navy Suits and Where To Where Them


There was a time when a Black suit could have been considered the one and only option when it cam to dressing for formal events and weddings. But as fashion moves into more contemporary territory, men are always looking for new ways to stand out and express their selves through what they wear. That's wear the Navy suit comes in.


It can be easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of suit options available, so we're keeping it simple and breaking down the time and place for a Navy or Black suit.




A top choice for formal events that can be matched with almost everything. For Men looking to ace a formal look at sophisticated events or weddings, we suggest keeping it classic with a three piece suit leveled up with dressy accessories.


When investing or hiring a Black suit it's worth looking at the closer details such as material quality and tailoring so the tone of the look is received properly.


When business is involved, Black can be considered very corporate so tone it down in the office with a blazer.


Black jacket image




This classy but contemporary choice is better for daytime, with it's laid back and slightly more youthful style. However, Navy is not as versatile as Black has been proven to look great paired with pink or red.


When wearing for business,Navy is well respected and gives a break from Black. Impress with a crisp white shirt and strong black or brown shoes. This style could be your firm favourite for interviews and even when the dress code calls for smart casual


Navy Jacket image


So are you team Black or Blue? Click here to get started building your next suit or if you need more inspiration, check out our collections.