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Autumn Layering With Young's - How To Wear A Coat Over A Suit

Autumn Layering With Young's - How To Wear A Coat Over A Suit
5th October 2018

Autumn Layering With Young's - How To Wear A Coat Over A Suit

When heading out to an event or the office on a chilly day it can be tempting to throw on the first coat within arms reach. Although warmth might come before fashion when we're cold, why cover up a great suit with a piece that doesn't have the same impressive effect? We want you to get it right every time, so here are our tips for choosing the right coat for your suit and styling it effortlessly.



The Starting Point

Start by thinking about the colour and fit of your suit and if any of the coats you own or plan to buy will match. Next think about how often you will wear the piece, spending more might not be necessary if the coat is worn once then stuffed into a wardrobe. Then think about where you are going and how formal the style needs to be, there's a different coat available for every occasion. So what's out there to chose from?



The Pea Coat

If versatility is your top priority, this piece will see you through the working week and into the weekend. It's comfortable double breasted design is made less formal by a shorter waist length, making it the perfect partner for office or wedding reception attire. Darker colours will match most suits and give you freedom to mix and match neck wear options.



Men's pea coat


The Trench Coat

For sophistication, reach for a trench coat ideally in Beige if you want the classic look. Being a typical choice for autumn layering, the trench coat's design works with all builds which means anyone can turn up to their event and pull it off perfectly. Wearing the piece unbuttoned gives off a more casual vibe and will show off the planning that went into your suit.


Although there are plenty of other styles on the market, they can be harder to wear with a suit which won't go unnoticed if pairing pieces goes wrong. With our tips and suggestions, wearing a coat over a suit will become as simple as it sounds.


If you have the coat but not the suit, click here to start building your perfect outfit