3 Tricks For Keeping Your Suit Crease Free


3 Tricks For Keeping Your Suit Crease Free

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8th June 2018

3 Tricks For Keeping Your Suit Crease Free


Imagine looking through photographs of a recent event and seeing that the suit you were so well was creased. Luckily, we have a few steps you can take to avoid this happening.


Hang it up


If you have a day or 2 before the big day and have hired a wool or wool blend suit, you can hang it up. A lot of the creases should fall out on their own. A convenient technique if you are travelling and only have what's available in a hotel room.



Get yourself a steamer


This is a go to choice if you want your suit looking picture perfect. A handheld steamer can be packed in a suitcase and is worth the extra effort if you have an impression to make. Take a break and hang the suit in between each steam to avoid ripples and damaging the fabric


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Even though we hate the task of ironing and feel the need to rush to get it over with, it can have great results on a wrinkled suits. Add water the the steam well of the iron and make sure to check the suit's care tag for the correct heat setting you need. Place a towel on the board to protect buttons and embellishments and be slow and patient, pressing not rubbing.


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